If you are visiting our church for the first time, we wish to make your experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

The front entrance of the church leads into the foyer of the church where you will be greeted by a friendly usher. They are there to help and will gladly answer any of your questions. From the foyer, stairs lead up to the auditorium and down to the fellowship hall, bathrooms, and nursery.

The nursery is located below the auditorium. We provide a safe and clean environment for your child to play while you enjoy the church service. There is one room for toddlers and one room for babies. When you check your child into the nursery you will be given a pager so that you can be contacted when needed.

Several Sunday School classes are offered every Sunday morning at our church. If you need help finding a classroom, an usher will be glad to show you the way. We offer classes for the following groups:

        • Preschool (2’s & 3’s)
        • Kindergarten (4’s & 5’s)
        • Beginner (1st – 3rd grades)
        • Junior (4th – 6th grades)
        • Teen
        • Young Adults
        • Several adult classes